The Spirit of the Absent

  • An Essay on Time and Sight in the  Photo Projects of Stephan Kaluza  

Heinz-Norbert Jocks


Picture overview

 over from west to east, which either appears to insist there is something there which can be discovered, or, acting as if the wall were still standing, repeats the western view to the east as if asking the question of how the current conditions were over there. On the other hand there is the collective know- ledge of the partition or fragmentation of Germany by the Allies after the war, into zones occupied by the victors, as well as the Wall erected by the Russians which was to become the symbol of German post-war history. That something there has disappeared in or from the landscape is also apparent through the fact that occasionally hoardings, posters with capitalistic messages and hedges, standing at the same height as the former wall, have taken over the role of substitutes. The view of the photographer appears there as if tracking alongside something which has fled into the invisible and nevertheless has settled itself somewhere in between.



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