“Ribbentrop’s Living Room” (complexe 3)

  • Exhibited at Zendai MoMA, Shanghai, 2007
  • Exhibited at the Art Cologne 2006 (One-Man-Show, Gallery Michael Schultz, Berlin)
  • Exhibited at the Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, 2007

Picture overview

This Bildstück shows the various steps in the constitution and demise of historical elites. According to Pareto/Hegel, each elite replaces the one that went before, only to subsequently undertake the same steps as the previous generation to secure and shape its power. Political history should thus not be considered as linear (and capable ethical learning), but instead as circular.

The piece begins with the establishment of a (color-coded) elite; the protagonists are consolidated and “screened”. As the action unfolds, the “inside enemy” (who appears in every upheaval) is defined, as well as the classical mysteries of nature, fundamental belief and the “reproductive mechanisms” for the fortification of the system. After the demise of the system is caused by outside forces, the various stages repeat themselves; the last image of the series is the same as the first.