“Rhine Journey” (complexe 7)

  • Exhibited in the Gallery Felix Ringel, Düsseldorf, 2008

Picture overview

This Bildstück is based on the idea of dividing action into individual time segments, which are marked by transparent panes of plexiglass (“zones”) in order to simultaneously show an entire parallel story line. – The piece begins upstage. After the 1. scene, a pane of plexiglass is placed across the entire breadth of the stage. The 2. scene then takes place in front of this surface and the first scene, which is again repeated behind it. The procedure is the same with the second scene and with all other scenes over the course of the entire piece. In this manner, the piece gradually moves towards the front of the stage.

The Bildstück is based on the novel “Rheinfahrt” (Rhine Journey) by Stephan Kaluza – after the accidental death of his daughter the protagonist A. “loses his footing” and sets out on a nightmarish, never ending train journey.
This is what the repetitive simultaneity of all scenes seeks to represent – the protagonist undergoes introspection in his attempt to deal with his pain. While seated in the train, physically almost completely uninvolved with the events around him, past, present and future intermingle in osmotic, for the protagonist no longer separable, form.