“Comedy” (complexe 6)

  • exhibited in the Gallery Walter Storms, Munich, 2008


Picture overview


As in “Drones”, flanking walls, which close in on the middle of the space, again dominate the piece as its primary visual aesthetic. At the center of the stage, an “orgy” is being celebrated at a festively decorated table. The actors indulge in the festivities with no heed of the bluish walls moving in on them. They continue even as their space to maneuver in becomes ever smaller and then disappears altogether.

This Bildstück is an allegory on ignorant hedonism. The danger of a global ecological collapse is well known, but little is being done against it. No one is “fighting” it and the individual amusements of a pleasure society outweigh all rational considerations. – Amongst other things, the individual protagonists are here associated with fundamental elements of human society: ethics, religion, reason, pragmatism, desire, beauty, vanity, innocence and war.