“Fairytale/Aphorism” (complexe 15)

Picture overview


The black and white background of the image is made up of a seemingly endless, constantly changing landscape. It begins with an illustrated interpretation of genesis, then transforms into a primeval-like jungle landscape, which evolves into an urban scene. The foreground of the Bildstück consists of a continuous red beam, on which the protagonist experiences his story; - the human being wanders along the red beam in front of the backdrop, experiencing the changes in his surroundings as in a film. Along the beam, he encounters the phantasms (myths/fairytales) of society: - communication, lust, love, the pertinent, morals/ethics, war and peace (…).

The Bildstück follows the idea of radical constructivism (Glasersfeld/Foerster) – to what degree can that, which is perceived be compared to “reality”; to what degree is “reality” an actively producible process (?). The contrasting colored beam in the foreground (action) thus signifies a temporary conscious separation from the black and white background (surroundings). This separation is then again revoked at the end of the story, when the beam itself evolves into the backdrop of the image.