“Drones“ (complexe 4)

  • Exhibited at the Kunstverein Konstanz/Ravensburg, 2007


Picture overview


“Drones” is based on the ancient legend of Byzantine regicide, which states that any heir to the throne must kill his kindred rivals with his own hands.In the middle of the image stands an altar, on which a child lies under a blanket; the protagonist prowls around it, armed with a dagger. His attempts to murder the child are thwarted by his increasing desperation. The more incapable he becomes, the more the flanking walls move in on him, until they finally leave him only little room to maneuver. Thus he is left with no choice and compelled to fulfill the murder.


The flanking walls represent the social pressure to carry out the inhuman act. In addition, they form the main visual aesthetic of the piece; the less space the protagonist has to act in, the more evident the contrast of this narrow vertical “rest”-space with the extreme length of the overall stage becomes.